Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards

“Iowa has always been one of the most innovative places in the world and the Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards are one more way we can acknowledge and celebrate the creativity of the businesses, the organizations and the people of our state.”

— Gov. Terry E. Branstad

Iowa's environment is in the hands of every community, business, organization, farmer and citizen. Many innovative Iowans are leading the way in the protection and enhancement of our natural resources. Their actions deserve the highest recognition.

Governor Branstad and the State of Iowa invite you to apply for the Iowa Environmental Excellence Awards, designed to recognize leadership and innovation in managing our state's natural resources.

Be Recognized for Your Work in Caring for Iowa's Environment

The Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards are the premier environmental honors in Iowa. Result-oriented, sustainable strategies can take many forms, including:

  • Creating new technologies or processes that improve the environment or reduce reliance on natural resources
  • Reducing waste generation
  • Developing energy efficiency or renewable energy technology
  • Creating natural resource protection and enhancement projects, such as watershed protection
  • Establishing educational or prevention programs that result in environmental improvements
  • Creating programs or processes that balance economics with the environment

The 2015 Environmental Excellence Awards Recipients have been announced!

Twelve Iowa organizations and businesses received Environmental Excellence awards from Gov. Terry E. Branstad on August 3, 2015.

Current Recipients:

Past Recipients:

The next application period will begin January 15, 2016. Please email Scott Flagg and request to be sent the application as soon as it's available. Follow the links below for more information about the awards:

Who Can Apply

Organization Categories:

  • Community/Local Government
  • Small Business and Industry (up to 200 employees)
  • Large Business and Industry (more than 200 employees)
  • Institution/Public Sector Facility or Educator (school, hospital, college, teacher, etc.)
  • Agriculture (operation, farm, or other ag-related business or organization)
  • Service/Civic/Nonprofit Organization (Kiwanis, Lions Club, Pheasants Forever, etc.)

Seven Award Areas for each Organization Category:

  • Environmental Excellence Award
  • Special Recognition award in Water Quality
  • Special Recognition award in Air Quality
  • Special Recognition award in Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy
  • Special Recognition award in Habitat Restoration/Enhancement
  • Special Recognition award in Waste Management
  • Special Recognition award in Environmental Education

Please note! An organization can choose to apply for any or all of the award categories. Each application area will be judged on its own merits and will not be influenced by the number of awards for which an organization applies.

How to Apply

The next application period will begin January 15, 2016.

Please email Scott Flagg and request to be sent the application as soon as it's available.

Logic Model Resources (for the Environmental Education Special Project Award):

Award Recipient Spotlight

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