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Summer of 2014 P2 Intern Program Host Companies

2014 P2 InternsFourteen businesses have been selected to participate in the DNR’s 2014 Pollution Prevention Intern Program. Upper-level college and university students work on-site at their host companies for twelve or twenty-four week paid internships to research solutions and implement pollution prevention strategies that will increase efficiency, reduce costs and help meet the company’s environmental goals.

The concept of pollution prevention is to analyze a process and reduce or eliminate the generation of waste at the source instead of treating, recycling or disposing of it later in the process. During their 12-week internships, students will analyze the current process, investigate alternatives and offer cost-saving strategies to reduce water usage, conserve energy and improve processes to help meet the host company’s environmental goals.

Host companies will receive a comprehensive report of the intern's work and recommendations to continue implementation and maintain new processes implemented.

The 2014 host intern companies and project description are listed below - 2014 Case Summaries Booklet

American Pop Corn Company

Recommend process improvements to maximize the efficiency of the production process and reduce waste going to the landfill.
Case Summary

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations
Conduct a water balance and develop strategies to reduce water use at the facility and assist with meeting corporate reduction goals.
Case Summary

Procter and Gamble
Evaluate the impact of adding a reverse osmosis unit to recover and treat additional process wastewater for plant use.
Case Summary

Ryko Solutions, Inc.
Conduct a waste stream analysis and recommend strategies to reduce disposal costs and improve process efficiency by integrating source reduction, reuse and recycling methodologies.
Case Summary

City of Sioux City
Recommend upgrades for equipment in the mechanical systems of various municipal facilities to increase the operating efficiency and reduce energy usage and maintenance costs.
Case Summary

Shearer's Foods Inc

Evaluate heat recovery technologies for the process ovens and identify opportunities for reuse at the facility to reduce energy usage.
Case Summary

Sivyer Steel Corporation
Conduct a waste stream analysis and develop a comprehensive waste management plan that includes source reduction and reuse strategies to reduce disposal costs.
Case Summary

Tyson Foods, Inc.
Conduct an analysis of the compressed air system including generation, distribution and end use applications and recommend improvements to optimize the operating efficiency and reduce associated costs.
Case Summary

West Liberty Foods, LLC
Conduct a motor efficiency analysis and recommend strategies to improve the operating efficiency and reduce utility costs at the West Liberty plant.
Case Summary

Winnebago Industries
Develop a waste management plan to reduce waste generation and optimize the efficiency of waste handling procedures.
Case Summary

Zoetis Global Supply
Conduct an analysis of the compressed air system and recommend improvements to optimize the operating efficiency and reduce associated costs.
Case Summary

24 Week Projects

Hy-Vee, Inc.
Research potential markets to divert rigid plastic waste from the landfill and develop a collection and management process for retail stores, subsidiaries and distribution centers.
Case Summary

John Deere Ottumwa Works
Identify utility use and develop recommendations for resource reduction through implementation of monitoring equipment for remote data gathering.
Case Summary

Nutra-Flo Company
Conduct a wastewater analysis to pinpoint contaminant sources and evaluate recovery and treatment methodologies.
Case Summary