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IGWS Geologic Mapping

The primary objective of the STATEMAP program is to establish the geologic framework of areas that are vital to the welfare of individual States. Each State Geologist determines the State's mapping priorities in consultation with a State Mapping Advisory Committee. These priorities are based on State requirements for geologic map information in areas of multiple-issue need or compelling single-issue need and in areas where mapping is required to solve critical Earth science problems.

Each STATEMAP project focuses on a specific area or issue. Although the individual projects last for only one year, they frequently build upon the results of previous years' mapping activities. STATEMAP programs are funded through the USGS-NCGMP.

The Iowa STATEMAP program focuses on four key areas:
  • Developing Areas Mapping (urban areas and developing areas),
  • Cooperative Mapping with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Iowa Cooperative Soil Survey Mapping (county scale) and Major Landform Resource Areas (MLRAs),regional scale mapping.
  • Impaired Watershed Mapping (mapping in vulnerable watersheds, karst, shallow bedrock and flood prone areas).
  • Digital Compilation Mapping-(regional and state-wide scale bedrock and surficial geologic mapping projects.
The Iowa Geological & Water Survey (IGWS) has been involved in the USGS STATEMAP program since 1992. The program receives funds through a competitive grant process, and every Federal dollar awarded is matched by a State dollar. Programs like Water Reosurces Management require an understanding of the geologic and hydrologic framework that contain Iowa's groundwater. Geologic and hydrologic information is essential for addressing concerns with water conservation, well interference, water-supply and well head protection issues. As this project progresses, areas of the state will be mapped utilizing geologic information collected and entered into databases as part of the STATEMAP program. The 2011-2012 STATEMAP map products will be out this fall.

STATEMAP Documents

History of the Statemap Program in Iowa

Mapping for the Next Century (Iowa Geology 1995)

Natural Resource Mapping of Linn County (Iowa Geology 1996)

The Problem of Human-Modified Landscapes in Mapping Urban Geology (Abstract)

Geologic Mapping in Linn County: the Iowa Experience in the National Statemap Program (Abstract)

Outlier of Cretaceous Niobrara Formation in Lyon County, Iowa (Abstract)

Surficial and Bedrock Geologic Mapping in Linn County, Iowa: Iowa's Contribution to the Statemap Program (Abstract)

A New, Digital Bedrock Geologic Map for Northeast Iowa:  Phase 2 (of 4) in the Production of a New Statewide Map (Abstract) Geologic Mapping Using GIS Technology Assists in the Siting of Animal Confinement Operations and Manure Application Areas (Abstract)

STATEMAP Map Products 2009-2010

OFM-10-1: Bedrock Geologic Map of Iowa (Map discussion)

OFM-10-2: Surficial Geology of Bremer County, Iowa (PDF) (Map discussion)

OFM-10-3: Bedrock Geology of the Manly 7.5'' Quadrangle, Worth and Cerro Gordo Counties, Iowa

OFM-10-4: Surficial Geology of the Manly 7.5'' Quadrangle, Worth and Cerro Gordo Counties, Iowa (PDF) (Map discussion)

OFM-10-5: Bedrock Geology of the Fertile SE 7.5'' Quadrangle, Worth and Cerro Gordo Counties, Iowa (PDF)

OFM-10-6: Surficial Geology of the Fertile SE 7.5'' Quadrangle, Worth and Cerro Gordo Counties, Iowa (PDF) (Map discussion)

OFM-10-10: Bedrock Geology of Bremer County, Iowa (PDF)

STATEMAP Summary Sheet for Iowa for FY2010

Iowa STATEMAP Advisory Committee

Geologic Maps of Iowa (List of PDFs)

U.S.G.S. National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program


Iowa Geological and Water Survey (319-335-1575)
State Geologist: Robert Libra
STATEMAP Coordinator: Deborah Quade