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Springbrook Education Center


Contact us to reserve your dates!

Call 641-747-8383 or e-mail us at

In case of emergency contact AJay Winter: 515-669-7201

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Springbrook Conservation Education Center

2473 160th Rd. Guthrie Center, IA 50115


Spring peepers, check! Red-winged blackbirds, check! Turkey vultures, yep! Cricket frogs, yes! Spring beauties are even popping up...that makes it official...spring has arrived!

Buses pull into the parking lot, eager children spilling from them, ready for adventure. The ponds are teeming with aquatic life, from painted turtles to backswimmers, dragonfly and damselfly nymphs. Students stand with nets and tubs in hand, ready to discover. Eastern wood peewees are calling from the edge of the woods, and American goldfinches seem to be changing color, right before our eyes.

5th graders wake up earlier than they ever do at home and head out for and early morning hike. After a quick breakfast, it's back outside for more exploration and discovery. Compasses point the way through the woods to the next orienteering flag, and the day just seems to fly by. Only four more hours left, and everyone is trying to take in as much as possible. Having learned only yesterday that Springbrook belongs to them, they feel a need to get to know this place. They need to experience the sounds of bird song and wind, and water rolling over rocks in the stream. They need to feel the sun on their backs as they hike up hills, and the muck from the pond as they search through nets for leeches and water boatmen. They need to marvel at the vibrant colors of the songbirds, butterflies and wildflowers, and be amazed at the almost perfect camouflage of some of the other inhabitants.

It has been a day and a half away from home, television, video games, and cell phones. Now it is time to get back on the bus to return to "real life", yet what some want most is to stay for just one more day. They want to make this magic last just a little bit longer, play one more game of camouflage.

Take it home with know how to play it now. You have felt the rush as your arrow connects with the target and found your way through the woods with your compass. Take your curiosity and excitement home to your park, your woods, your backyard. Explore your ponds, creeks and puddles. Discover what is waiting for you in your own wild places.

Join us, or begin an adventure of your own! 

Be sure to check out upcoming camp/workshop opportunities at:

Why Springbrook?

"According to a national study, 100% of schools with environment-based learning had students with improved behavior, attendance and attitudes relative to traditional schools." - SEER

Our Mission:

Promoting participation in the outdoors through education and involvement with the cooperation of individuals, schools, and organizations to improve the quality of life in Iowa and insure a legacy for future generations.

Springbrook Welcome Brochure

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Springbrook Reservation Information

Thank you for your interest in the Springbrook Conservation Education Center!  Below you will find information and downloadable forms that will help you plan your stay. 

Welcome Letter

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Day Use and/or Lodging Reservation Form