Winter Fish Kill in Shallow Lagoon in Davenport
Posted: 03/18/2011

DAVENPORT - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources investigated a fish kill report at Credit Island Lagoon in Davenport Friday.

Fisheries staff on the scene said an undetermined number of carp, buffalo, bluegill, crappie and bass likely died during the winter from a combination of stress and low oxygen. The fish appear to have been dead for some time, and with the snow and ice gone, the dead fish have blown to shore and are more visible.

Credit Island is a shallow, 10-acre lagoon on the island of the same name in the Mississippi River. The river floods the lagoon almost annually. Winter fish kills at Credit Island Lagoon occur every few years.

The occurrence of partial winter fish kills will likely increase as the ice goes off lakes, ponds and backwaters across the state.