Diesel Fuel Spill Due To Nozzle Failure At MWA Transfer Station
Posted: 03/16/2011

DES MOINES - A 30-gallon diesel fuel spill at the Metro Waste Authority (MWA) transfer station on Delaware Avenue (between Des Moines and Ankeny) Tuesday evening travelled into a storm drain and on into an unidentified creek that is a tributary to the Des Moines River. Facility staff immediately applied absorbent materials on the spill and placed absorbent booms in the storm sewer and several locations on the creek.

Hydro-Klean Environmental responded about an hour later and applied granular spag sorb (a natural organic absorbent made primarily of peat) to soak up diesel fuel on the creek's surface water. The granules were removed later in the evening.

The spill was caused by a nozzle failure that caused the MWA dispenser to overfill.

The DNR will reinvestigate the site this morning.