Trees for Kids Grant Application for Spring 2012 Now Online
Posted: 02/14/2012
Trees for Kids and Trees for Teens are tree education and planting programs targeted to Iowa’s elementary and secondary school students. The goal of these programs is to educate students about the value of trees and to encourage tree planting projects at schools and other public areas around the state.

Trees for Kids and trees for Teens has a competitive grant that awards between $1,000 and $5,000 to qualified tree planting projects on publicly owned property. Qualifying public planting areas include, but may not be limited to: street right-of-ways, parks, school grounds, courthouse lawns, public buildings, fairgrounds, cemeteries, libraries, and trails. Applicants must show an educational component which includes youth as well. Grants applications are available semiannually, in the fall and spring. All trees for the spring grant must be planted by May 31, 2012. 

This grant funding is a prime opportunity for schools, counties, and municipalities to increase their urban tree canopy and increase the urban forest diversity in order to prepare for Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth.  In 2011, 60 grants were awarded, involving more than 7,300 students in hands on learning, and planting 2,500 landscape trees on school grounds and other public areas.

Local and state governments (school districts, cities, counties,) and service organizations with 501©3 status are eligible. Service organizations lacking 501©3 status can attain eligibility by involving local governments in the holding of funds.  This program does not require, but encourages matching funds.
The Trees for Kids and Trees for Teens grant program is sponsored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Forestry Bureau, MidAmerican Energy, Black Hills Energy, Alliant Energy, Iowa Bankers Association, Trees Forever, Iowa Tree Farm Committee, and the Iowa Woodland Owners Association.

For more information go to the Trees For Kids Website or contact the Trees For Kids Coordinator, Laura Wagner at 515-281-6749 or