Wastewater Release in Creston
Posted: 02/09/2012
CRESTON – The city of Creston discovered untreated wastewater bypassing to Hurley Creek on the southwest side of town late Wednesday afternoon.

The Union County city is working to determine the cause of the wastewater discharge and to fix the problem. A plugged sewer line is the suspected cause, but the discharge is at least one-fourth mile north of Adams Road, hampering the city’s repairs. The city is cutting trees to provide access to the location.

The Creston Wastewater Superintendent asks city residents to avoid hiking the south end of the popular trail near McKinley Lake until repairs are completed.

The city estimates about 20 gallons per minute are being released, but it’s unknown when the discharge began or how much wastewater has been released.

The DNR will check McKinley Lake Wednesday morning for effects of the discharge.