Poor Ice Conditions Alter Central Iowa Trout Stocking
Posted: 01/13/2012
DES MOINES – Trout stockings planned for Ada Hayden, north of Ames, and Lake Petoka, in Bondurant, will happen before Feb. 1, but the date will not be announced to prevent crowds from gathering on ice that so far, cannot support fishing.

Previous trout stockings have drawn large crowds which could be dangerous given the current ice conditions.
“We hope to avoid large crowds at the stockings, yet get the fish in the lake so anglers can take advantage of them if safe ice forms later in the winter,” said Ben Dodd, fisheries biologist  with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Trout stockings have been postponed at other locations across Iowa due to poor ice conditions, including in the Council Bluffs area, where the stocking at West Big Lake has been delayed until March.