Invasive Carp Specie Found in Lost Island Lake
Posted: 12/02/2011
State fisheries experts have confirmed the presence of silver carp in Lost Island Lake after a commercial fisherman collected several in a recent seine haul when they where removing common carp and buffalo.

This is the third collection this year of invasive carp species in northwest Iowa lakes. In August, DNR personnel captured two bighead carp in East Okoboji while conducting routine sampling. In September, a commercial fisherman captured bighead and silver carp in nearby Elk Lake.

Bighead and silver carp are included in the Asian carp family and are non-native species that have invaded the Missouri and Mississippi rivers recently. Extreme flooding that occurred this summer allowed these fish to travel past barriers on the Little Sioux River that would normally prevent their passage.

DNR fisheries personnel will continue to monitor waters that have been invaded to assess their populations and impact they might have on these lakes. Much remains to be learned about these species; however it is unlikely that they will reproduce in lakes, since they require large river systems to successfully spawn.

For more information contact Iowa DNR Fisheries Biologist Mike Hawkins at the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery, 712-330-1849.