Sewer Line Break In Denison
Posted: 02/14/2011

DENISON - Untreated wastewater is bubbling up to the ground surface near a Job Corps facility on the east side of Denison in Crawford County.

Frost action may have caused a break in the sewer line between the Job Corps facility and the city sewer main. Denison municipal wastewater staff roughly estimated the leakage at 15 gallons per minutes.

The untreated wastewater flowed downhill about 15 feet across a walking path and then into a storm sewer, likely reaching an unnamed tributary to the Boyer River. The city is blocking the storm sewer and plans to pump or haul wastewater to a nearby manhole leading to the sewage treatment plant.

Job Corps has barricaded the pathway and will be conserving water at the facility until repairs can be made Tuesday. The DNR is cautioning people to keep children and pets away from the area for 48 hours after repairs are made.

The city and DNR will continue to monitor the situation.