More Tips to Avoid Problems Getting a Deer License
Posted: 11/08/2011


Hunters who previously purchased an Iowa license as a nonresident will need to fill out and submit an application and supporting documentation to the DNR to update their residency status. 
Be sure to sign the application and include a phone number or email address for use when the process is complete. Allow 7 to 10 days to process.  Once notified, the hunter may then purchase a resident license. Failure to provide the documentation will slow the process.  Applications may be sent through the mail or by fax at 515-281-6794. Do not email the application.
The application is available on the DNR’s website at , then click on the Resident License Application Form link.

To Change a Deer or Turkey License

The Iowa DNR will change the county/zone or season license for deer or turkey if the season has not started and if the quota has not filled. But, once a quota has filled or season has started for any season on their license, the DNR can no longer make the change.

Hunters must go to the place where they purchased the license to make the change.  Each privilege will need to be reissued at a cost of $4.50 each on the entire transaction. For example, if the hunter originally purchased a hunting license, habitat fee and a deer license in one transaction, they will be charged $4.50 for each privilege bringing the cost to change their deer license to $13.50. If they purchased their deer license by itself, the cost to change would be $4.50.

Changing an online purchase

The DNR can change an online deer license, but the timeline is much longer.  The change cannot take place until the tags have been turned in to the DNR.  Call 515-281-5918 for details.

Forgot your tags?

Hunters who simply lost or forgot their deer tag can go to any license agent and buy a duplicate.