Fuel Leak at Waterloo Gas Station
Posted: 11/08/2011

Monitoring wells at a Kum & Go in Waterloo indicated a large release of fuel, with some of it reaching a nearby, unnamed creek that flows to a storm water pond southwest of the station. 

The station, at 117 East San Marnan Road, has been monitoring and cleaning up nearby groundwater since the mid-90s because of a prior leak.

In October a consultant found an increase in petroleum in the monitoring wells, indicating a possible new leak at the site. The consultant notified the DNR immediately of the increase in petroleum levels and worked with the station’s owner/operator to determine the source of the leak.

Last week, the owner/operator checked the gas inventory, which showed an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 gallons were missing from the regular unleaded tank. The DNR was on site Nov. 3 during further follow up.

“They are doing what they can to vacuum free product out of the monitoring wells and recover it,” said Brian Jergenson of the DNR’s Manchester field office. “We ruled out tanks and pipe lines on Thursday and thought the source of the leak might be a remote fuel line used when filling the tanks.”

The station’s owner pumped petroleum out of the tank to prevent further loss of product, while the investigation into the source of the release continues and the consultant monitors for vapors and gas sheen on the stream. DNR field staff will check the stream and clean-up progress Tuesday.

The DNR is asking the operator/owner to provide more information about the cause and source of the release, and will watch the site closely.