Before Digging Notify Iowa One Call 48 Hours Ahead of Time
Posted: 11/03/2011

The breach of a wastewater force main in New London, Iowa, last week is a good reminder to contractors to call before digging.

A fiber optic installer hit the wastewater pipe Oct. 28 while installing a new line in the Henry County town.

“Breaks like these can allow wastewater to run into streams or free other pollutants like oil or ammonia,” said Russ Royce, an environmental specialist at the DNR’s Washington field office. “Breaking a pipeline can be expensive, causing power or drinking water outages. In some cases, it can be downright dangerous.

“Although nothing reached the stream in this case, it’s a good example of why it’s important to call Iowa One Call before doing any digging,” he said.

Iowa One Call is a free service required before all excavating. Anyone planning to dig, even in their own backyard, should call 800-292-8989 or 811. Allow at least 48 hours before digging to find the location of buried utilities and pipelines.

More information is available at

For more information call Russ Royce at 319-653-2135 or .