More Opportunities for Iowa Electronic Waste Disposal
Posted: 10/06/2011
DES MOINES – Iowans now have more than 150 locations to take obsolete or unwanted electronic products to be properly recycled, making recycling more convenient than ever.

Products that are eligible for recycling include:

Recent changes in state law allowed the DNR to streamline the process for recycling electronic waste, increasing the number of e-waste facilities and registered cathode ray tube (CRT) collectors that can accept electronic products.

As consumers in Iowa continue to upgrade or replace their electronics with newer products and devices, the potential for e-waste ending up in landfills increases.

“Electronic waste has become the fastest growing waste stream in Iowa and will continue to increase,” said Susan Johnson, DNR environmental specialist. “Recycling electronics is important to protect our state’s natural resources and prevents harmful materials from going into the waste stream.”

Other options for electronics devices that have not reached the end of their useful life include:
To protect your privacy, always remove all data from a computer or other storing device before recycling, donating, selling or recycling. Also check the facility’s background for any violation and confirm they have been resolved.

For a list of Iowa of e-waste and CRT collectors and recyclers or more information about e-waste recycling or to obtain a permit or registration: