Grants Available to Rural Fire Departments
Posted: 09/13/2011
AMES – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has grant money available for Iowa’s rural fire departments to help purchase equipment to battle wildfires.  The grants offer funding assistance for wildfire suppression equipment, personal protective equipment and communications equipment.

Gail Kantak, fire supervisor with the DNR’s Forestry Bureau, said fire departments were mailed information about the grants in July.  She said fire departments should remember to send her a Wildland Fire Report whenever they respond to a wildland fire or provide assistance to a prescribed or controlled wildland fire.  Departments actively returning these reports can receive priority points in the Volunteer Fire Assistance grant application scoring process.

“It is important for rural fire departments to return these reports so we can assess the actual demands on our rural fire departments as a result of wildfire,” she said.  The wildland fire reports will be compiled locally and nationally and will be reported to Congress.

The grants package and the Wildland Fire Report form is available:  

The Volunteer Fire Assistance Applications are due Oct. 15, 2011. The grant provides 50 percent reimbursement for wildland fire equipment with a maximum reimbursement grant of $3,500 per department.  

Wildland Fire Report Form: This form should be submitted as wildland fires are responded to and as prescribed/controlled fires are assisted with.

Iowa DNR Forestry Bureau Fire Program Opportunities: outlines the programming opportunities available to Iowa’s fire suppression agencies by the Iowa DNR Forestry Bureau in cooperation with federal, state and local partners.