DNR Restricts Lake Manawa Boating to No-Wake Only
Posted: 06/28/2011

COUNCIL BLUFFS – The DNR is restricting boats operating on Lake Manawa to no-wake speeds effective immediately.

“With the lake level rising, we want to minimize the impact of the high water to public and private structures and infrastructure around the lake,” said Mark Sedlmayr, DNR law enforcement supervisor. “Also, many of the docks around the lake are now submerged and could pose a safety hazard to boats operating at higher speeds.”

No recreational boating is allowed on the Missouri River at this time and Lake Manawa is experiencing higher-than-normal recreational boating.

Lake Manawa State Park hosts an estimated 1.5 million park visits per year, the highest total in the Iowa state park system. The park is currently open for day-use only, due to flood concerns. The campground is closed through August.