PWC Collision Injures Two at South Sabula Lake
Posted: 06/20/2011
CLINTON - A Maquoketa man was charged after a collision of two personal watercrafts (PWCs) on South Sabula Lake in Jackson County on Sunday.

Curtis Wilhelm, 28, was charged with one count of reckless operation of a watercraft and one violation of improper speed and distance, after the PWC he was operating collided with a PWC operated by Michael Scott of Maquoketa shortly before noon on Sunday.

Scott, 31, suffered a broken leg from the collision and his wife, Kindra, 31, received bruises. The Scotts were taken to Mercy Medical Center in Clinton by ambulance where they were treated and released.

According to witnesses, the operators of the PWCs were splashing each other. Wilhelm was reportedly approaching Scott from behind when Scott made a turn to the left and the PWCs collided.

Wilhelm had a four-year-old son with him on the PWC when the collision occurred. All of the occupants were wearing life jackets at the time of the collision.