DNR Investigating Small Petroleum Leak in Dickinson County
Posted: 06/09/2011

MILFORD - A farmer found a petroleum leak running into a stream south of Milford early Thursday afternoon.

He reported a sheen on the water and a strong petroleum odor to the DNR about 1:30 p.m. The DNR checked with two pipeline companies in the area and is working with them to locate the source of petroleum.

So far, they have tracked down the leakage to a farm field tile line that apparently intersects a buried petroleum pipe line. The farm field is less than 10 miles south of Milford. The leak is apparently a slow one, since the pipeline's automatic shutdown has not been activated by a pressure loss.

However, most of the petroleum has pooled in a farm pond about two miles downstream where a few dead fish and tadpoles have been found. Absorbent booms and pads have been placed in the stream and farm pond to prevent further downstream contamination. The unnamed stream eventually flows to the Little Sioux River.

The DNR will continue to investigate the source of the leak and work with the pipeline company and landowner to stop the leakage and clean up the site.

The DNR will consider appropriate enforcement actions.