Web Camera Following Peregrine Falcon Nest in Des Moines
Posted: 05/10/2011

A web camera placed atop the American Enterprise Group, Inc., building on 5th Avenue in downtown Des Moines is broadcasting a female peregrine falcon and her four eggs, which, according to experts, should begin hatching in the near future.

"Falcon eggs are hatching in nests across the state, so we are expecting these four to hatch fairly soon," said Pat Schlarbaum, wildlife diversity technician with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The nest can be seen on the DNR's website at http://www.iowadnr.gov/wildlife/diversity/falconcam.html.

Since 1993, the American Enterprise (previously American Republic) staff has hosted peregrine falcons that have produced 46 young at this site. There have been three females and two separate males during that time. A 1998 female from Des Moines' brood has parented 28 young the last 12 years in Cedar Rapids, and one young from 2008 has a separate territory at the State Capitol, where he parented one young last year.

The young falcons will receive leg bands in June.

In the spring of 2010, peregrine falcons were considered a Species of Special Concern in Iowa and no longer endangered. Last year 16 territories with 11 successful nests produced 22 young around the state.