Small Pesticide Spill in Earling
Posted: 07/11/2014
EARLING – The DNR and Shelby County sheriff’s office responded to a report Thursday night of pesticide leaking from a sprayer near 2000th St. and Dogwood in Earling.

They found a small amount of herbicide had reached the side of the road, with an unknown smaller amount flowing to a tributary of Picayune Creek. A United Western Coop employee was spreading the mix of Roundup and Cobra when a hose became plugged and the material spilled.

Estimates vary from between 15 and 100 gallons of herbicide sludge spilled. The coop excavated about 20 cubic yards of soil Thursday night to prevent environmental damage.

The DNR checked the creek Thursday night and Friday morning and found no evidence of dead or distressed fish.

The DNR will continue to monitor the cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement.