Coralville Reservoir Alters Route to Popular Shooting Ranges
Posted: 07/08/2014
The shooting ranges at Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in northwest Johnson County are still open, but getting to them will take a little longer since the Coralville Reservoir began flooding.

The Tim Dorr Rifle/Handgun Range is still open from sunrise to sunset but not accessible from the east on Amana Road. Instead, go west through Swisher and take Greencastle Avenue south to Amana Road, then east on Amana Road.

The Wendell Simonson Shotgun Range and the archery range are also still open but Amana Road is flooded between Greencastle Avenue and the shotgun range. Access is available by going south on Falcon Avenue to Amana Road and turning east to head to the shotgun and archery ranges. The Amana Road closure will continue until at least July 18 when the reservoir is predicted to drop below the 700-foot elevation.