Small Wastewater Discharge to Clear Lake
Posted: 06/10/2014

Godbersen-Smith Construction of Ida Grove was working on a road and culvert project Monday on the Ventura grade when they struck a sewer force main, releasing a small, but unknown, amount of wastewater to Clear Lake.

Clear Lake Sanitary district responded immediately and shut down the pump station that serves the Ventura sewer line.

Repairs are expected to take at least a week, because the broken pipe is below water level.

Until repairs are completed, the sanitary district is emptying the lift station in Ventura and transporting wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant. No further discharges should occur.

The DNR will monitor the situation daily until repairs are made.

For more information contact Dan Bratrud or Trent Lambert at 641-424-4073 or or