Muscatine Men Charged with Illegal Fishing
Posted: 05/27/2014

Two Muscatine men were charged with commercial fishing without a commercial fishing license, in an area closed to commercial fishing, on May 21.

Duane Hook, 41, and Brian Lawrence, 43, were allegedly using commercial fishing nets in Muscatine Slough and keeping crappies as part of their catch. Commercial fishing is only allowed on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and crappies are not allowed as part of the catch.

The investigation began with a call to the Turn in Poachers hotline. Officers observed the activity and stopped the men as they were taking their boat out.

Hook was fined $995 and the DNR seized the boat he was using. Lawrence was fined $920.  Their court date is set for June 18 in Louisa County.

For more information, contact Lucas Dever, State Conservation Officer, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, 563-260-1225.