Break in Pipeline Causes Wastewater Release in Dewar
Posted: 04/28/2011

DEWAR - The unincorporated area of Dewar northeast of Waterloo has reported a wastewater release near Stickney and Second Streets Thursday afternoon.

The wastewater operator for Dewar Sanitary Sewer District said that a force main was broken when a utility drilled through the pipe.

This is the second wastewater discharge reported to the DNR this month caused by contractors drilling into sewer lines

"Unfortunately, One Call does not include water and sewer mains," said Mike Wade, an environmental specialist at the Manchester DNR field office, "but sewer maps should be looked at before constructing in areas that are served by a sanitary sewer system." Contractors can obtain maps from the city water and sewer department or the public works director.

In Dewar, untreated wastewater has pooled on the ground. People should avoid the area and keep children and pets away from it until 48 hours after the force main is repaired.

There is no estimate yet of when repairs will be made or how much wastewater has been released. The wastewater operator is working to find a vacuum truck that can haul the wastewater to the lagoon for treatment until repairs are made.

The DNR is monitoring the situation.