DNR to Relax Fishing Regulations at Foster Pond
Posted: 04/28/2011

CRAWFORDSVILLE - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will relax the fishing regulations at Foster Pond, south of Crawfordsville near the Washington-Henry County line, on April 29, 2011, to allow anglers to more freely harvest fish before the pond is renovated later this summer. The renovation will begin by lowering the water level one to two feet and then the fishery will be eliminated.

The renovation is necessary because of overabundant common carp and bullhead populations that are degrading water quality and preventing more desirable fish species from thriving. A metal cage will also be fitted to the drain-tube of Foster Pond to create a barrier which will prevent undesirable species from gaining access via the stream below.

Anglers with a valid fishing license will be allowed to harvest any size and number of bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappies and all other fish species from Foster Pond. Any number of fishing poles will be allowed. Anglers must remain in sight of these lines at all times, and follow all other fishing regulations and area rules.

Trotlines, jugs, nets of any kind, seines, traps, spears, bows and arrows, hand-fishing, grab hooks, snagging hooks, firearms, dynamite, poisons, electric shocking devices, or any stupefying substances will not be allowed. Landing nets may be used in landing fish. It is illegal to sell fish or stock captured fish into public waters, but sport fish can be stocked in private lakes and ponds.

The normal Foster Pond hours of 4:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. will remain in effect. Liberalized fishing regulations for Foster Pond will extend through June 15, 2011. The fish renovation is part of a process aimed at improving the lake's water quality and fishery. Fish will be restocked beginning in fall 2011.