Manure Released to Creek Near Keosauqua Nov 4
Posted: 11/08/2013
KEOSAUQUA —On the morning of Nov. 4, facility maintenance staff discovered several thousand gallons of manure from Maschhoff LLC’s Keosauqua Sow Unit at 21392 Osage Avenue in Van Buren County had entered a creek on the property. The manure had traveled a quarter mile and was pooled before entering a neighbor’s pond. Site staff dug a pit in the creek on the Maschhoff property to stop the manure flow.

Maschhoff’s environmental staff arrived the afternoon of Nov. 5 and pumped manure from the creek to the lagoon and used a 300 gallon per minute pump o convey pond water to the creek to flush the manure.

The below ground manure trunk line to the lagoon was plugged and the added pressure of liquid manure drained from the sow building shallow pits over the weekend caused the manure to blow out through a clean out port and PVC break. It bubbled up from the ground and traveled to a creek that eventually discharges to the Des Moines River.

An inch of rain the night of Nov. 5 assisted cleanup efforts.

Creek pumping efforts continued Nov. 6 and ammonia levels in the creek continue to decrease. No dead fish were observed throughout the incident and manure recovery efforts.

The DNR will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate enforcement action.