Small Bypass Ongoing in Clinton
Posted: 08/09/2013

CLINTON – The city of Clinton reported a wastewater discharge near Mill Creek and Manufacturing Drive on Monday.

The city has been working since Monday to unplug a sewer line and stop the small discharge coming out of manholes in a wooded area.

Clinton city officials discovered Friday afternoon and reported to the DNR that untreated wastewater was reaching Mill Creek. The discharge location is about 2,000 feet from where a city contractor initially began work to unplug the line.

Work is proceeding slowly, because the area is heavily wooded and a long section of the sewer line is completely plugged. The city plans to work through the weekend to unclog the line and allow wastewater to flow to the treatment plant. They will also work to pump around the blockage and reduce wastewater flowing to the creek.

The clogged pipe is in an industrial area, where there is limited access for children and pets.

The DNR will continue to monitor the situation and consider appropriate enforcement action.