Wastewater Bypass at Tyson Results in Sewage Reaching Storm Lake
Posted: 06/25/2013

STORM LAKE – A mechanical failure at a Tyson Fresh Meats wastewater lift station resulted in approximately 5,000 gallons of diluted wastewater reaching Storm Lake.

Tyson employees discovered wastewater coming out of the ground outside of the lift station Monday night after a joint on the piping failed. The wastewater reached a storm sewer that eventually reaches the lake near Awaysis Beach. The city of Storm Lake has posted warnings there discouraging swimming until Friday when the normal beach monitoring results become available.

Water samples were taken from the lake at the outfall of the storm sewer and are being analyzed. The wastewater that reached the storm sewer was diluted by rainwater and groundwater already in the pipe as well as water used by the Storm Lake Fire Department to wash down the area where the bypass had occurred.

Upon discovering the discharge, the production plant was immediately shut down. Tyson worked with city officials to have most of the approximately 24,000 gallons that was bypassed diverted to Storm Lake’s sanitary sewer system.