Sedan Bottoms Bird Conservation Area Dedication
Posted: 06/18/2013
ENTERVILLE - The public is invited to celebrate the dedication of the Sedan Bottoms Wildlife Management Area as a state and national bird conservation area (BCA) July 3 at 1:30 p.m.

The ceremony, hosted by the DNR and the Appanoose County Conservation Board, will take place at the Sharon Bluffs State Park shelter house, 3 miles east of Centerville. A guided tour of the area will take place immediately following brief presentations and the unveiling of special bird conservation area signs.

“The designation of the Sedan Bottoms BCA provides important recognition of this area’s value to at least 253 resident and migratory bird species, including 73 birds listed as species of greatest conservation need,” says Bruce Ehresman, biologist with the DNR’s wildlife diversity program. “This unique area holds a variety of habitat types and provides critical habitat for rare and declining forest birds like red-shouldered hawk and whip-poor-will; for grassland birds like the northern bobwhite, bobolink and meadowlark; for savanna species such as the red-headed woodpecker and northern mockingbird; and for many wetland species including herons, rails and the trumpeter swan.”

The emphasis of the bird conservation area program is to encourage habitat conservation at a larger landscape level – a level necessary to establish stable or growing bird populations.  Each BCA includes a combination of well-managed public and private lands. Sedan Bottoms BCA is an excellent example of some of the best wildlife habitat remaining in this southern Iowa region.

“The designation of the Sedan Bottoms BCA is recognition of the wonderful teamwork of all of our partners, cooperating to emphasize the importance of bird habitat,” says Jeff Telleen, DNR biologist and wildlife manager for the area.  Federal, state and local governments working together with private groups and individual citizens made this possible. Everyone involved should be very proud of this accomplishment.”