Wastewater Discharge at Beaman in Grundy County
Posted: 05/29/2013

The city of Beaman in Grundy County reported Wednesday an ongoing discharge of untreated wastewater into Wolf Creek.

The discharge began Sunday when floodwaters overtopped the city’s lagoon wastewater treatment system and ruined the pumping station. Raw sewage has been flowing into the creek since May 26.

The city plans to fix the pump today which will ensure wastewater goes to the lagoon for treatment.

The DNR cautions people downstream of Beaman in the towns of Gladbrook and Traer in Tama County, and La Porte City in Black Hawk County to stay out of the stream for at least 48 hours after repairs to the pumping station are complete.


Residents should be especially careful to ensure children and pets are not in contact with floodwaters.

DNR staff is sampling the water in Wolf Creek for bacteria level testing. The DNR will monitor repairs and consider appropriate enforcement action.

For more information, contact Jeff Vansteenburg at 641-424-4073 or Jeff.Vansteenburg@dnr.iowa.gov.