Wastewater Discharge to Ditch Near Ames
Posted: 04/08/2011

AMES-In response to a complaint of algae and a sewage odor, the DNR discovered a release of sewage in a road ditch west of Ames Friday morning.

A DNR environmental specialist traced the partially treated wastewater to the Country Terrace Mobile Home Park on Lincoln Way.

The mobile home park has a recirculating sand filter wastewater treatment system that appeared to be discharging intermittently. It's unknown how how long the discharge has been occurring or the quantity reaching the road ditch. The road ditch leads to a tile inlet that runs underground, possibly to College Creek.

The DNR has contacted the owner and treatment system operator. However the bypass was still occurring at 3:30 p.m.

The DNR staffer found no odors or visual signs of wastewater in College Creek. The DNR is requiring the wastewater to be pumped up and hauled away until repairs are made.

The DNR will continue to investigate the discharge and has collected water samples for testing.