Update on McLoud Run Fish Kill
Posted: 10/26/2012
The DNR found nearly 400 dead trout Thursday after chlorinated water entered McLoud Run in Cedar Rapids.

The city reported a break in a drinking water main occurred Tuesday night. The first checks on the stream showed no dead fish, but by Wednesday afternoon, the city was finding small dead trout.

DNR fisheries staff checked the stream from the large pool on Glass Road to the J Avenue Park Thursday. They found 389 dead brown, rainbow and brook trout; along with a dead channel catfish and a white sucker.


“The positive news is that we saw many live fish throughout the stream and no lingering levels of chlorine were detected on Thursday,” said Paul Sleeper, DNR fisheries biologist at Solon. “Most of the trout that were killed were 6 to 8 inches and were from the 6,000 fingerlings stocked in June.”

Enforcement is being considered.

For more information contact Tom McCarthy at 563-927-2640 or Tom.McCarthy@dnr.iowa.gov.