Bald Eagle Training Video
Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Training Video

Volunteers interested in becoming Bald Eagle nest monitors but who cannot attend one of the offered training workshops may receive training through this video and associated materials.  To participate in the survey you must:

1) CONTACT: Volunteer Wildlife Monitoring Program Coordinators about getting a nest assignment:
                    515-432-2823 ext. 102
2) VIDEO: Watch the 20 minute video below or request a hardcopy of the video from coordinators.

Watch the
Bald Eagle Training Video (length: 20 min.).
Photo by Mary Ellen Leicht.

A larger, higher resolution version of the video can be viewed on Vimeo, however please note that this will take you away from Iowa DNR's website.

3) REFERENCE GUIDE: Download, read through and use all the materials below

Download Full Reference Guide (Includes all documents listed individually below)
Full Reference Guide

Download Individual Reference Guide Documents
Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Etiquette
The Laws Protecting Eagles
Bald Eagle Nesting Ecology and Phenology
Bald Eagle nestling photo guide (courtesy of AZ Game and Fish)
Binocular and Spotting Scope Basics
Nest Monitoring Instructions
Nest Monitoring Data Sheet

For other conservation agencies or  organizations:
The video and accompanying materials are available for use and adaptation by your organization.  Please contact the iowa Volunteer Wildlife Monitoring Program coordinators to request a cd of all documents and media.