Environmental Reviews for Natural Resources

In response to a request for Environmental Review for Natural Resources, the Department will search records for state - and federal - listed endangered or threatened species, rare natural communities, sensitive habitat, and state lands and waters in a proposed project area.

Current list of endangered, threatened, and special concern species:
571 IAC chapter 77.2: List of Animals
571 IAC chapter 77.3: List of Plants

According to Iowa Administrative Code 481A and 481B, a person shall not take, possess, kill, trap or ensnare, transport, import, export, process, sell or offer for sale, buy or offer to buy, nor shall a common or contract carrier transport or receive for shipment, any species plant or animal on the state list.

State-threatened Jeweled Shooting Star (Dodecatheon amethystinum) Photo: M.Leoschke
State-threatened Jeweled Shooting Star
(Dodecatheon amethystinum)
Photo: M.Leoschke
A complete request for review includes:

  • A narrative which describes the proposed project
  • Current land use details
  • Legal description (Section, Township, Range) of the project area
  • A map and/or aerial photo which includes the proposed project area. The Department has a mapping application which may be used to generate maps of the project area at the Hunting Atlas website.
  • Additional information such as preliminary plan sets may be helpful in the review process

 The letter of review does not constitute a permit. Other permits may be required from the Department or other state or federal agencies in advance of work. To expedite review of projects with a large physical footprint, such as wind energy developments, the Department recommends that a GIS shapefile of the project boundary is included with the request for review. The shapefile must be projected in NAD 83, UTM Zone 15N.

The Department accepts requests for review via postal mail or SLER@dnr.iowa.gov. Questions about the Environmental Review process may be directed to the Program Coordinator at 515-725-8464.

Environmental Review for Natural Resources
Conservation and Recreation Division
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
502 E 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319-0034

For more information about state lands and waters: Sovereign Lands Construction Permit program.

The Iowa Natural Areas Inventory maintains an educational version of a database open to public viewing. Using the query page, you may create a map showing the distribution of individual species among counties across the state and you may also generate a list of species within individual counties. Information about specific areas is available from the Environmental Review program.