Conservation Education


What is REAP-CEP?
The Conservation Education Program (CEP) is a key provision of the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Act of 1989. A five-member board implements the CEP and annually they allocate approximately $350,000 in grants for conservation education in Iowa.

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What’s new?

The REAP CEP Board held a retreat in November 2014. Learn about plans for CEP


Mark Your Calendars!
November 23, 2015
- 10:00 am - CEP Board Work Session
November 23, 2015 - 12 noon - Young Investigators: Connecting Children with Project Work - Success and Challenges
Learn how nature, STEM, early learning standards and love of learning are being incorporated into early childhood classrooms across Northwest Iowa through Young Investigators, a professional development training for teachers, associates and school administrators.
November 23, 2015 - 1 pm - CEP Review of Proposals Meeting*

All November 23 meetings will be held at the Webster County Extension Office, 217 South 25th St., Ste. C12, Fort Dodge; (515) 576-2119. The Extension Office is in the Crossroads Mall parking lot. Look for the Iowa State University Extension red canopy, located at the southeast corner of the Crossroads Mall.

*Grant applicants are highly encouraged to attend the Review of Proposals meeting held approximately three weeks after application due dates to answer any questions the CEP Board may have. Applicants will not be allowed to make presentations, but grantees' availability to answer questions from the Board may be critical to grant success. There will be an opportunity to attend via teleconference, and that opportunity will be outlined in an email to applicants no later than one day before the Review of Proposals meeting. 

REAP CEP Update Newsletter
For free electronic updates about REAP CEP and other environmental education news, send an email to with "Subscription to REAP CEP Update" in the subject line. You can expect about 6 emails per year, 3 of which will be the REAP CEP Update Newsletter.

Grant applications are reviewed two times annually. To be eligible for funding, applications must be emailed by no later than 5 pm Iowa time by May 15 or November 1 unless those days fall on a weekend or a day when state offices are closed. In that event, they are due by 5 pm Iowa time on the next business day.

Review Process
Proposals will be evaluated by the five-member REAP CEP Board five-member REAP CEP Board. Each board member will be eligible to vote on the proposal unless they represent the agency or organization that submitted the proposal, or unless they are financially involved in the project.

Grant Application Options and Amounts

Applicants may apply for grants in two ways—through the CEP Standard Application or through the Mini-Grant Application. Granted amounts are limited to total funds available, but for the standard application the requested amount generally does not exceed $50,000. Awards in the mini-grant program are limited to $3,500. Applicants should, at a minimum, read the CEP Manual and the Evaluation: Behavior/Knowledge Changes sections (below) for more information.

CEP Applications
Standard Grant Application - Newly Updated!
- Use this form to complete your grant application. This form includes application instructions, forms A and C, and evaluation criteria.
- Generally awards do not exceed $50,000 and average ~$22,500.
WORD File Format
Mini-Grant Application - Newly Updated!
- Use this form to complete a mini-grant application. This form includes the mini-grant application instructions, forms A and B, and evaluation criteria.
- Maximum award: $3,500.
- See manual for mini-grant requirements.
WORD File Format
 Standard Grant Application Budget Summary Form (Form B)
- Please use the Excel form if possible. Excel will automatically check all addition for you.
- If you must use the PDF form, be sure to complete Parts I and II and double-check all addition before submitting your proposal.
 Excel File Format  PDF File Format

CEP Manual, Evaluation Assistance and Forms

CEP Manual - Newly Updated!
- See this document for the legislative overview of REAP CEP, its purpose and general information about the standard and mini-grant programs.
PDF File Format
- Use these resources to help you determine the behavior/knowledge changes you hope will occur as a result of your project.
Midterm Report Form - - Newly Updated!   WORD File Format    
Final Report Form - - Newly Updated!
WORD File Format
Bill Form for Final Project Billing to DNR
WORD File Format
PDF File Format

Previously Funded Projects
View the 2015 CEP Funded Projects  PDF File Format
View the 2014 CEP Funded Projects   PDF File Format
View the 2013 CEP Funded Projects   PDF File Format
View the 2012 CEP Funded Projects   PDF File Format
View the 2011 CEP Funded Projects
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View the 2010 CEP Funded Projects
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View the 2009 CEP Funded Projects
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View the 2008 CEP Funded Projects
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View the 2007 CEP Funded Projects
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View the 2006 CEP Funded Projects
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Downloadable REAP logos
Full-color logo
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The five members of the CEP Board, as required by law, are appointed, one each, from the state departments of education and natural resources, the Iowa Association of County Conservation Boards, Iowa Association of Naturalists, and Iowa Conservation Education Coalition. The Department of Natural Resources provides staff to carry out the duties of the board. Contact information for each board member.

The REAP Act recognizes that environmental education is one of the long-term integrated efforts that is needed to conserve and protect Iowa’s natural resources. It states the duties of the CEP Board are to: “...revise and produce conservation education materials and specify stipends to Iowa educators who participate in innovative conservation education programs approved by the board.”

CEP Board News
The REAP CEP Board will hold a teleconference, which is open to the public, on August 3 at 1 pm. If you wish to participate, contact Susan Salterberg at

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