Iowa's Tree City USA Program

The National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA program is coordinated in Iowa by the DNR's Forestry Bureau with the goal of enhancing the benefits of trees in the local community. The Tree City USA program recognizes cities and towns that have provided an outstanding example for other communities by improving our forest resources and demonstrating the great value of trees in providing multiple benefits for future generations. Requirements for becoming a Tree City USA are:

  1. The city must possess either a city forester or an active tree board
  2. The city must have a tree ordinance
  3. The city must annually spend at least $2 per capita for its community forestry program
  4. The mayor must issue a proclamation naming a day as "Arbor Day"

Ninety-two Iowa communities qualified for the Tree City USA award last year.

The Forestry Bureau hopes that your community will make a commitment to improving your tree resources through participating in the Tree City USA program. Tree City USA applications are now available online! To fill out an online application or for more information, please visit the Tree City USA website. If completing a paper application please submit the Attachment C worksheet. Completed paper applications should be returned to:

Emma Hanigan 
Iowa DNR, Forestry Bureau
Wallace State Office Building
502 East 9th St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0034


For a paper copy or more information contact Emma Hanigan at or 515-725-8454.