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A PDF version of the nursery catalog can be found by clicking the banner above or call 800-865-2477 or 515-233-1161

A Message From The Nursery Manager: 

The State Forest Nursery welcomes the opportunity to help you with your planting needs. Our goal is to produce the best planting stock in the industry. Let us know how we can help you by calling 1-800-865-2477, our professional staff will do their best to fulfill your needs.

By planting trees today, you can leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren. You'll be surprised how fast they grow! Let us help you create your own special legacy. Your children and grandchildren will thank you, as well as your fellow Iowan's.

Thank you for visiting our nursery site and buying native Iowa seedlings,

State Forest Nursery Manager 

When you are ready to place an order please proceed to our online order system that includes real time updates of our inventory. To place an order you will need to create an account with the State of Iowa. For assistance on creating your account please review our A & A instructions guide.

If you would request a catalog to be sent to you please call our nursery at 800-865-2477 or to download a PDF version Nursery Catalog

Orders start August 1st each year until we are sold out, please order early to insure we have what you need.

Looking to purchase a specialty packet? Look no further. The State Forest Nursery has packets designed just for Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, and songbirds. If you need help designing the layout of the seedlings please look at the wildlife habitat planting guides found below. 

Here is what is available (subject to change based on availability):

Turkey Packet: 50 Bur Oak, 50 White Oak, 50 Pin Oak, and 50 Gray Dogwood. Turkey Packet Planting Layout
Pheasant Packet: 50 Red Cedar, 50 Wild Plum, 50 Ninebark, and 50 Gray Dogwood. Pheasant Packet Planting Layout
Quail Packet: 100 Wild Plum and 100 Gray Dogwood. Quail Packet Planting Layout
Songbird Packet: 2 Bur Oak, 2 White Pine, 4 Wild Plum, 4 Chokecherry, 4 Gray Dogwood, and 4 Serviceberry. Songbird Packet Planting Layout

Want to create your own packet? Try our Create-a-Packet were you can choose up to 4 species that are bundled in 50 for a total of 200 trees.

For descriptions and pictures of the seedlings that are available for sale by the nursery see the catalog or visit the USDA plant information website at: This site allows searching by common and scientific name.

To insure a successful tree planting be sure to check out the brochures below: