Trees For Kids and Trees For Teens

Trees for Kids and Trees for Teens are educational programs that incorporate educational experiences with planting trees. A focus is placed on Iowa's elementary and secondary school students. We hope to educate students about the values of trees, and to encourage tree planting projects at schools or at other public areas in the state of Iowa.

This unique program is sponsored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Bureau of Forestry, MidAmerican Energy, Black Hills Energy, Alliant Energy, Trees Forever, Iowa Tree Farm Committee, Iowa Woodland Owners Association, Iowa Bankers Association, and Iowa Landscape and Nursery Association.

This year the educational materials are provided in conjunction with Project Learning Tree (PLT).  Every entity which is awarded a grant will be required to send an educator or team to a project learning tree training. 

Educators will be introduced to a variety of nationally-developed resources that support authentic learning (Project-based Learning Model, Field Investigations: Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Processes, Schoolyard Biodiversity Investigation Educator Guide, Fostering Outdoor Observation Skills,  Landscape Investigation Guidelines,  and Greenschools Investigations)  as well the Projects WILD, WILD Aquatic and Learning Tree (PreK-8 guide, secondary modules. Training will include using a project-based learning model and field investigations to create relevant learning opportunities for students that support the Iowa Core. Trainers will work with educators to incorporate activities from the Projects into inquiry-based learning cycles and to develop real field investigations with their students. Educators will be encouraged to develop site based projects to study and/or improve their local natural resources. This can include service learning opportunities like Trees for Kids, IOWATER, NatureMapping, Wildlife Diversity monitoring efforts, development of outdoor learning areas or habitats, and more. Participants are encouraged to bring information about their school site or a nearby natural area for use with workshop activities. Teaching partners/groups are encouraged to facilitate planning/implementation of projects.

This training satisfies the requirements for the Trees For Kids Grant.  For more information about the Trees For Kids Grant, please contact Laura Wagner at or 515-725-8456.

Trees for Kids and Trees for Teens offers grant funding to plant trees at your school every spring and fall. Schools are selected based on their grant application. Over 20 projects are funded a year. The current grant applications can be found here: Urban Forestry Grants

For more information please contact the Iowa DNR Trees for Kids Coordinator at 515-725-8456.


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Supplemental Material

Past Trees for Kids and Teens Curriculum
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Trees for Kids 2007: Invasive Species Awareness
Trees for Teens 2007: Invasive Species Awareness 
Trees for Kids 2006: The Native Trees of Iowa
Trees for Teens 2006: The Native Trees of Iowa
Trees for Kids 2005: The Values of Iowa's Trees and Forests
Trees for Teens 2005: The Values of Iowa's Trees and Forests