Demonstration Models/Kits

The EnviroScape™ is a desktop model, developed by the Terrene Institute to demonstrate point and nonpoint sources and prevention of pollution in a watershed. Sixty-three of these models are located with county conservation boards, soil and water conservation districts, colleges, and other environmental education organizations in Iowa. Educators can demonstrate how human actions impact aquatic resources and how responsible actions can restore and/or protect those resources.

Check with your local county conservation board to see if they have an EnviroScape™ you can borrow.

Mobile Education Exhibit
The DNR presents an exciting way to learn about energy and waste topics - a mobile education trailer! The "Cause and Effect: Your Eco Story" exhibit, is an all-inclusive experience that includes informative displays, interactive kiosks, educational videos and more.

Stream Table
The Stream Table shows how sediment, vegetation, and flowing water interact in a dynamic stream system. The model can be used to provide an interactive, hands-on demonstration for participants of all ages. The large, water-tight box (measuring 36" x 6' 8") can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The Stream Table allows the presenter to show a series of events that may take years to occur in a natural system.

Check with your local county conservation board to see if they have an Stream Table you can borrow.