Guttenburg Fisheries Management Office

331 S River Park Dr.
Guttenburg, IA 52052
(563) 252-1156
(563) 252-1156 (fax)

The Guttenberg Fisheries Management team is located at the Guttenberg Aquarium and Hatchery south of Mississippi River, Lock and Dam 10 located on River Park Drive. 

Management activities at the Guttenberg office include:

  • managing the fisheries on Mississippi River Pools 9, 10 and 11 from Minnesota border to Dubuque
  • management of the Guttenberg Northern Pike Hatchery each spring
  • management of the Guttenberg Visitor Center and Aquariums during the summer
  • surveying and assessing fish, turtle  and mussel populations
  • analyzing physical, chemical, and biological aspects of area river  watersheds
  • installing fish habitat and other structures
  • performing fish kill investigations
  • enhancing urban fishing opportunities
  • conducting fish clinics and outdoor classrooms  

Fisheries Biologist - Karen Osterkamp               Fisheries Technician - Kevin Hanson