Turn In Poachers (TIP) Program
TIP Hotline is 800-532-2020The Iowa program, which we call TIP for Turn-In-Poachers, was started in August 1985. The private TIP organization was established by concerned sportsmen and women under the guidance of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Bureau. Both groups recognized the need for an added dimension to fish and game law enforcement in the State of Iowa to aid in the fight against poaching.

Submit a TIP: Call 1-800-532-2020 or submit your TIP online

TIP is an organized non-profit corporation with dedicated sportsmen and women from all over Iowa who serve as board members. Each board member represents a conservation organization from around the state, such as; Iowa Bowhunters Assoc., Izaak Walton chapters, Pheasants Forever chapters, Iowa Wildlife Federation, and others.

The responsibility for the TIP program is shared by TIP and the Department of Natural Resources. The department receives and records reports of fish or game violations through a toll-free telephone number (1-800/532-2020), routes the confidential information to DNR officers for investigation, and arranges reward payments to informants through the TIP board. In order for a TIP report/case to be eligible for a cash reward the investigating officer must have written at least one citation. A conviction is not necessary.

The TIP board establishes operating policies and also solicits private funds to support the program. All rewards paid to informants on successful TIP cases are private monies which the TIP board has collected through membership fees, private donations and sale of promotional items such as T-shirts and caps.

The department provides an employee to serve as TIP coordinator and the TIP "Hotline" (1-800/532-2020) telephone number. The toll-free TIP number is monitored 24-hours a day for citizens to report information about crimes against fish or wildlife day or night. The department encourages citizens to use the toll-free line when reporting poaching information, however, they also emphasize that this is not a general information number.

TIP has set reward amounts, which are;
$150 - small game, fish, birds and furbearing animals;
$200 - wild turkey and raptors;
$300 - deer, elk and moose;
$1,000 - threatened or endangered species or commercial poaching operations.
Some reward amounts may vary depending upon the details of the case.

Remember, poachers are thieves who are stealing our fish and wildlife resources. You, as a concerned citizen, can take an active role in helping our department put these fish and wildlife thieves out of business. If you witness or even hear of poaching activity call the TIP HOTLINE (1-800/532-2020) and report it immediately. The sooner you call the better our chances are of catching the violators.

Turn-In-Poachers Annual Activity Report