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Three-Mile Lake Fish Renovation Planned for Sept 20-22

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will begin a fish renovation at Three-Mile Lake in Union County on Sep. 20th.  DNR staff will treat the watershed streams on Sept. 20-21 with Prentox® PrenfishTM, a plant-based fish toxicant commonly known as Rotenone to eradicate the current fish population, and the lake on Sept. 22nd. 

Due to restrictions listed on the Rotenone label, Three-Mile Lake will be closed to public access on Sept. 20th and will remain closed until a sub-sample of fish can survive for a 24-hour period or 14 days post-treatment, whichever occurs first.

The DNR plans to restock the lake this fall with bluegill, blue catfish, and walleye fingerlings.  Adult largemouth bass and other species will be stocked next spring.