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Cattle Runoff in Pottawatomie County Discharging to Small Stream

CARSON – The DNR is investigating an anonymous complaint today about runoff from a cattle feedlot about three miles southwest of Carson in Pottawatomie County.

DNR field specialists identified two sources of runoff, Cyclone Cattle and a facility owned by Aaron Vorthmann. Both are cattle open feedlots. With DNR’s advice, the producers have successfully stopped runoff from each facility.

Previously, an unknown amount of runoff flowed from each operation into the same field, then into a grass waterway before reaching an unnamed tributary of the Nishnabotna River.

DNR staff will continue to monitor the situation, including any impacts on water quality or aquatic life.

DNR will consider appropriate enforcement actions.

Anyone who notices a spill or fish kill should call the DNR’s 24-hour emergency response line at 515-725-8694.