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New and Updated Air Quality Construction Permit Forms

The Environmental Protection Commission adopted rules and a fee schedule for Construction Permit application fees starting on January 15, 2016. A new form titled “Form AF: Construction Permit Application Fee” has been added to the construction permit application process.  The new Form AF provides the information for minor sources to determine the correct fee to send with their application and for major sources the necessary billing and invoice remittance information.

Form AF is required to be submitted for all minor source applications for a permit, including a permit template.  Form AF is also required for all major source applications for a permit, a plant-wide applicability limit (PAL) request, regulatory applicability determinations,  and pre-application work such as modeling inventory and protocol development or review of emissions calculations or draft applications.

The new Form AF is required for processing all construction permit applications received on or after January 15, 2016.  Construction permit applications received on or after January 15, 2016 without Form AF will not be processed for review by the Air Quality Bureau until a Form AF has been received.

Additionally two existing construction permit forms have been modified to account for the new fee structure.  The Registration for Group 1 Grain Elevators and Notification Letter for Permit by Rule for Spray Booths have been updated to require payment of the applicable fees to DNR with the submission of these forms.

All revised forms can be accessed on our website both through our construction permits page at and also our new page for air quality fees at Minor and major source fee FAQs have also been posted to assist applicants with common questions regarding the new fees.

For applicants that submit their permit applications through the State Permitting and Reporting System (SPARS) please note that the new form AF has not been added to SPARS.  Therefore the new Form AF will need to be included as an attachment to these applications.


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