Environmental Protection Commission (EPC)

Upcoming Meeting:

 May 17,, 2016 EPC Business Meeting Materials


 DNR Air Quality Office, 7900 Hickman Road, Windsor Heights, IA

The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) is a panel of nine citizens who provide policy oversight over Iowa's environmental protection efforts. EPC members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by vote of the Senate for four year terms. 

At times the commission may decide to meet in a location outside of Des Moines. If you are interested in the time and place of the meeting for the current month, the agenda will be published at this site prior to the meeting. For information regarding scheduling an opportunity to speak to the Commission or general EPC questions please contact Jerah Sheets at Jerah.Sheets@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-313-8909.

Schedule Location
November 17, 2015 Windsor Heights, IA
December 15, 2015 Windsor Heights, IA
January 20, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
February 16, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
March 15, 2016 Ankeny, IA
April 18 Tour & April 19 Meeting, 2016 Iowa County
May 17, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
June 20 Tour & June 21 Meeting, 2016 Appanoose County
July 19, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
September 20, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
October 18, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
November 14 Tour & November 15 Meeting, 2016 Wright County
December 20, 2016 Windsor Heights, IA
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